Spring Big Hole Runs

We tour to the Big Hole early season in search of big brown trout, sometimes we find them and other times they’re damn near nonexistent. This year has been pretty solid finding good fish and overall good fishing, whether it’s trophy browns or sturdy rainbows in those tea stained waters.  Deep nymphs and streamers are the primary weapons as we are still a couple weeks out for the dry fly. You never know what has ripped that bobber under the surface, and only a good set of the rod will solve the mystery.






We are one of very few outfits in our area with Restricted Use Permits to guide the Big Hole, setting Bitterroot River Guides apart from the rest to offer the opportunity to see this fabulous river system. The Big Hole valley has an old time feel, much different than our home waters in the Bitterroot. Huge ranches and open meadows border the river for mile upon mile, setting a context that feels as if not much has changed in the last hundred years. Yes, there’s a few more fishermen around nowadays, but those Big Hole browns are ready and willing to take a good drift, and the chance at a trophy exists at every grassy bank or churning boulder pocket.

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