Guide’s Day Off

Summers a’coming quickly and time for us guides to fish is counting down. Once our busy season hits full force there is no more time or extra energy for us to throw a line for ourselves. Chris and I were able to explore some untouched water on the Bitterroot with miles and miles of prime trout habitat to ourselves. Few others are fishing now, and even fewer guide companies are running trips. Not so at Bitterroot River Guides. We guide the full season, including this awkward stage of the season as the river begins to swell into its banks and runoff ensues. Searching far and wide, trout are feeding in the right places and are definitely targetable with the fly rod. Years of experience (35 commercial years between just Chris and myself) and expert guidance allow us to continue running trips while many may tell you that the river is “unfishable”.  Layer up, don your warm hat and gloves, and let’s get after it!


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