August Hoppers

We’ve been throwing them for awhile already, but August officially brings in the Days of the Grasshopper.  For as much as they are a nuisance in the garden and my yard, they are much appreciated on the river by the trout and our guides.  As the day heats up the hoppers get to clacking around flying over gravel bars and grassy hillsides, with plenty of them ending up in the water and getting popped by fish. Big splashy strikes.  Fish a good drift with the right bug and we’ll find plenty of fish.







The Bitterroot River is holding up strong, we have good cold water from the West Fork coming in, and it fishes well for us all the way down to the lower river.  I checked out the Clark Fork recently and found a handful of that river’s big rainbows, all bombing a hopper style bug like a cherry bomb going off.  We Missed a bunch for sure, the bite frightens you half the time!