Missouri River Dry Fly

We found ourselves fishing the Missouri quite a bit this year. Hell, Chris practically lived there for the month of July and late June, running three to five day trips with our favorite anglers. I joined him with the multi boat groups as much as possible to join the fun, hunting heads with the dry fly throughout the river.  Hatches of PMDs and Caddis have been off the hook, the fish are looking up and they are Mo huge. I can honestly say not a damn single nymph was thrown from my Hyde on the Mo this month. Thats makes it real sweet.

There’s no moss to speak of this year so fishing is clean and easy.  Caddis and a few PMDs remain for now and then Expect Tricos coming soon in August to get things lit up again. We guide 2 day minimum trips on the Mo, and really recommend 3 or more for serious anglers to truly experience this river.  Hands down in my opinion, the Missouri River is the finest Dry Fly River in the country.

Home Water

It is a fine summer in the Bitterroot and elsewhere in Montana. Water is strong with good weather coming often, the rain jackets have been busted out plenty so far this year. Our days are warm and long now, cool mornings heating up midday getting the various bitterroot stoneflies hatching. Fishing is excellent throughout the length of the river, the water temps are good and cold and the fish are happy and healthy.